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ForeclosureEducation.com provides three main functions
to the foreclosure community...

Education of Foreclosure Professionals
As a foreclosure professional myself since 1996, I have enormous passion for educating my fellow professionals. Over the course of many years, I have made many discoveries. I enjoy sharing these discoveries so that it becomes very clear how to go about becoming a top-notch foreclosure professional.

Loan Modification Negotiation for Homeowners
There are many homeowners who cannot afford their full mortgage payment, but can afford a reasonable portion of that monthly payment. This type of homeowner may be eligible for a loan modification. We will negotiate this modification of terms with your lender, so that you can stay in your home while paying a lower monthly payment each month. We have always provided a free eligibility analysis, during which we determine if you are likely to qualify for a loan modification.

Short-Sale Negotiation for Realtors
As a seasoned short-sale negotiator, my largest passion is negotiating the transactions themselves. I own a negotiation company that negotiates and processes short sales for Realtors. Most Realtors do not want to process their own short sales because the process is very time consuming, and it takes a very specialized skill set to do it right. Negotiating short sales is the most interesting part of my business, with new challenges each week. It also allows me to be directly connected to the most rewarding part of the business: helping people. You will understand how rewarding this is the first time you stop someone's foreclosure, help them repair their credit, and turn them into a homeowner again. We offer this negotiation service to Realtors nationwide on qualified transactions. Learn more

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